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Hacking up Parliament

The hack
The Rewired StateParliamentary Hack - recently featured in the Independent - was an interesting event. It's a testament to the efforts of the organisers that almost every age group was represented and the event was a hive of activity from the word go.
Hack days (this was a weekender) are popular amongst data geeks, design geeks, and coders. They serve as a very sociable way to get together and create cool stuff under pressure, and that's fun! The idea is simple: hack up something cool from the data available in 36 hours. Work with whoever you like, join teams, leave teams, work solo, and whatever you create: present it at the end for the possibility of a prize.
Working with a few folks (we called ourselves Team Whip), we settled on a project: Champion - a service that parses debates from parliament and using that data allows you to search for MPs that care about the things you do. The data we settled on was a pre-parsed set of XML representing the Hansard data, and a…