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Disaster recovery

My Macbook Air died today. At first, it just had a crack on the screen. Then I took it down to tech support for a little conversation about what we should do. Tech support transferred the hard disk into another shell, whereupon it died its final death and refused to start again.

Tragedy, you'd think - but in fact I am completely unaffected. Why? Because all my data is in the cloud. My personal stuff is on Dropbox, my music is on Google Play, and my work stuff is on Google Drive. I hadn't even been planning for a hardware failure when I started using them - it's just so useful to have my stuff synced across whatever I'm working on.

I'm using another laptop right now and I'm completely unaffected.

Don't wait to be caught out: Install BoxDropbox or Drive now and move your stuff onto it before it's too late. It's easy, and shouldn't cost you a penny.

Obligatory appropriate Penny Arcade: