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Hacking the Police

In my capacity as both volunteer police constable and developer I'm lucky enough to be running the first UK Police hackathon: Hack the Police!

I'm working with a group of excellent and motivated people - and between us we hope to reach out to both the developer/hack-day community and the policing world, to create some really cool and exciting new apps for front-line and community policing.

This is real green-field work, and that's what so exciting about it. The apps that come out of the hack day will be the first of their kind - and they'll be directly addressing real world problems - some of which are currently solved by lengthy and time-consuming paperwork, and some of which just didn't seem possible until now!

We're half full after a couple of days, so if you're in London on the 27th and 28th of April, you're a developer or app designer, and you fancy a challenge - sign up now for Hack the Police, while places last!

I'll be posting some more deta…