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Hack Highlight #4: How Did We Do?

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts highlighting hacks from Hack the Police.

Rory was the first person to explicitly state in his presentation something we were all thinking:

Police officers care deeply about the victims of crime.

That's why they go out every day to do what they do - to face not only danger, crime and disorder, but also the endless reams of bureaucracy and paperwork, seemingly invented to prevent the police from helping people.

The police service currently relies on paper-based feedback, or telephone calls to find out just how well teams, departments and officers are performing. That makes it very difficult to record and analyse the thoughts, feelings and opinions of large swathes of those who interact with police - simply because there isn't the capacity.

Rory's solution is much better suited to scaling quickly and much easier for members of the public to participate in - making it quick, easy, and cheap to give, receive and analyse feedback - and…

Hack Highlight #3: AroundMET

This is the third in a series of blog posts highlighting the hacks that came out of Hack the Police.

Emergency services need to find things in a hurry!

That may seem obvious to you.

This hack was mine - and it's something I've been trying to put together for a while now. As I was running the event, I didn't have all the time in the world for coding - so I stuck to what I know best: Maps

I deliberately kept my goals modest, and the product simple. It's a map. It shows you where you are, and it shows you what you're trying to find - be that police stations, custody suites, defibrillators, or other locations of interest to police officers on the front line.

Did you know there are over 1,300 publicly accessible emergency defibrillators distributed around London?

As it turns out, the act of wearing a police uniform does not automatically bestow on a person the power to determine where those are. (Hint: if you ever need one, run to the largest store or shopping centre you …