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Text adventures in 3D

Educational games It's time to lighten the tone and take a look at a project from almost a decade ago! Source code, screenshots, documentation and (old!) binaries are now available in the openbook-v2 GitHub repository.

It was 2005(-ish), I was fresh out of uni and I had my first job. It was a part-time job, so I had the time to dream of setting up a company to write and sell educational games. I was pretty enthused about the power of text adventures to drive up literacy and plenty of other problem-solving skills in kids - but it was clear to everyone who looked at any text adventure game that they were just visually very unappealing!

OpenBook v1 To that end, I decided I would write a new interpreter, focussed entirely around the UI. Enter OpenBook! I wrote the first iteration in C to prove to myself it was possible.

The results weren't awful, but I knew I wanted to do more with it.

Inform Inform is a VM written for interaction fiction that dates back to 1976! Nowadays it has …