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Introducing Bothie!

Inspired by a thousand pictures of stone henge, sunsets on the beach, and beautiful architecture with nobody in them, Bothie helps you add a personal touch to all your pictures.
Bothie puts you into your photos.

When you're next on holiday and wish you could show your own reaction to the crazy things you're seeing, or the beautiful sunsets, or the delicious food... Bothie will save the day!

If something's revolting, show us your grimace!

If something's beautiful and special and you're sharing it with someone - at last* you can capture yourselves and your experience in the same shot!
*I discovered that the new HTC One M8 might provide this out of the box. I guess other Android manufacturers will follow suit, so it's just possible this will be a standard feature in years to come. But for everyone else who isn't using the latest and greatest, help is at hand! ;)
Bothie is an experimental app I started developing during a wet weekend in February. A day or so of de…

Washed out custom camera photos?

Over the course of the past few months, I've been developing some mobile apps that make use of the Android Camera to grab snaps - and pull them into the app without going through the gallery. During that time I've run up against some interesting quirks of the Camera, and none more confusing than the washed out images conundrum!

Here's what I found out, some hints and tips for debugging issues like these, and a solution to save yourself a headache with the same issue...

The issue All seemed well until some of my testers started reporting that the photos were coming back washed out in bright sunlight, and too dark indoors. This was in contrast (sic) to the preview display, which seemed to show good white-balance.

The cause As this was only happening on one type of device at the time (the HTC One), and all the other devices we were testing with seemed to be in full working order, my first thoughts were that this was a hardware issue. However, it rapidly became clear that this b…

adb debugging over wifi

I spent some time recently trying to work out how best to debug the app I'm working on. It does a lot of work with OTG USB devices plugged in - and of course when there's a USB device plugged in to the phone, there's no way to debug over USB! As it turns out, you can continue to debug over TCP/IP - but you'll need to instruct the phone to support that.

The Android Debug Bridge is an odd toolbox. It took me a while to figure out what the commands I was issuing actually do - especially when trying to work with eclipse. Here are some pointers that I picked up along the way...

adb devices
Lists all device adb is currently connected to (ie. those on USB, or if connected by TCP/IP).

adb tcpip 5555
Tells adb to instruct connected devices (ie. those on USB) to accept tcp connections on port 5555.

... now disconnect the device ...

adb connect <ip address>[:port]
Instructs adb to connect to a device at a known IP address.You cancheck your device's IP address by viewing the…

Integrating PhoneGap with HockeyApp

For the uninitiated, PhoneGap is a framework that allows you to build your mobile app almost exclusively in HTML5. It creates a framework application for a platform of your choice (ie. Android, iOS, etc.) which wraps up your HTML and services it to give it access to the device as if it were a native app.

HockeyApp is a private distribution channel for your beta apps. It also allows you to do several useful things - like inform your testers about updates, capture feedback, crashes, and usage information about your app.

PhoneGap is built on a technology called Cordova and has access to a rich repository of plugins allowing third parties to provide their own native functions and access native libraries on your device. It also allows the installation of plugins that are stored in arbitrary Git repositories.

I'll cover a beginners guide to PhoneGap, PhoneGap Build, Buildmeister, and other associated tools in another blog post in the future.

I was casting around for a Phonegap plugin to int…