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Integrating PhoneGap with HockeyApp

For the uninitiated, PhoneGap is a framework that allows you to build your mobile app almost exclusively in HTML5. It creates a framework application for a platform of your choice (ie. Android, iOS, etc.) which wraps up your HTML and services it to give it access to the device as if it were a native app.

HockeyApp is a private distribution channel for your beta apps. It also allows you to do several useful things - like inform your testers about updates, capture feedback, crashes, and usage information about your app.

PhoneGap is built on a technology called Cordova and has access to a rich repository of plugins allowing third parties to provide their own native functions and access native libraries on your device. It also allows the installation of plugins that are stored in arbitrary Git repositories.

I'll cover a beginners guide to PhoneGap, PhoneGap Build, Buildmeister, and other associated tools in another blog post in the future.

I was casting around for a Phonegap plugin to int…