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adb debugging over wifi

I spent some time recently trying to work out how best to debug the app I'm working on. It does a lot of work with OTG USB devices plugged in - and of course when there's a USB device plugged in to the phone, there's no way to debug over USB! As it turns out, you can continue to debug over TCP/IP - but you'll need to instruct the phone to support that.

The Android Debug Bridge is an odd toolbox. It took me a while to figure out what the commands I was issuing actually do - especially when trying to work with eclipse. Here are some pointers that I picked up along the way...

adb devices
Lists all device adb is currently connected to (ie. those on USB, or if connected by TCP/IP).

adb tcpip 5555
Tells adb to instruct connected devices (ie. those on USB) to accept tcp connections on port 5555.

... now disconnect the device ...

adb connect <ip address>[:port]
Instructs adb to connect to a device at a known IP address.You cancheck your device's IP address by viewing the…