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Washed out custom camera photos?

Over the course of the past few months, I've been developing some mobile apps that make use of the Android Camera to grab snaps - and pull them into the app without going through the gallery. During that time I've run up against some interesting quirks of the Camera, and none more confusing than the washed out images conundrum!

Here's what I found out, some hints and tips for debugging issues like these, and a solution to save yourself a headache with the same issue...

The issue All seemed well until some of my testers started reporting that the photos were coming back washed out in bright sunlight, and too dark indoors. This was in contrast (sic) to the preview display, which seemed to show good white-balance.

The cause As this was only happening on one type of device at the time (the HTC One), and all the other devices we were testing with seemed to be in full working order, my first thoughts were that this was a hardware issue. However, it rapidly became clear that this b…