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Introducing Bothie!

Inspired by a thousand pictures of stone henge, sunsets on the beach, and beautiful architecture with nobody in them, Bothie helps you add a personal touch to all your pictures.
Bothie puts you into your photos.

When you're next on holiday and wish you could show your own reaction to the crazy things you're seeing, or the beautiful sunsets, or the delicious food... Bothie will save the day!

If something's revolting, show us your grimace!

If something's beautiful and special and you're sharing it with someone - at last* you can capture yourselves and your experience in the same shot!
*I discovered that the new HTC One M8 might provide this out of the box. I guess other Android manufacturers will follow suit, so it's just possible this will be a standard feature in years to come. But for everyone else who isn't using the latest and greatest, help is at hand! ;)
Bothie is an experimental app I started developing during a wet weekend in February. A day or so of de…