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Using Facebook Conceal to protect your C# Android app's data

Disclaimer: This post was originally published in May 2015. Since then, strategies for encrypting and securing your data have moved on. Some of this article is still relevant though - particularly around strategies for importing and binding libraries in Xamarin projects.

How are you protecting your users' sensitive data from prying eyes?

Facebook's Conceal library is an excellent native encryption library for Android. Unlike other provisions, it is fast and simple - reducing risk by making sane choices. It's the tool of choice for the Facebook Android app when it stores data outside of the app, and it looks like it would make an excellent tool for securing your Android app's data, too.

I'm working in C# through Xamarin - and unfortunately (for me, perhaps) Facebook Conceal is a standard Android library (some regular Java .JARs, and some native binary .SOs). This entry is about what you'll need to do to access the encryption features Conceal provides from your Xam…