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Building mobile apps quickly and easily with a new PCL

NB. this post will be deprecated soon as these BAASBox PCL libraries have gone through a major refactoring. Stay tuned! A framework for BAASBox-aware C# Xamarin.Forms mobile apps, or...How to build a multi-platform app in C# in half an hour! Introducing BAASBox.CRUD.UI BAASBox.Access (previously introduced) and BAASBox.CRUD.UI are nuget packages you can use to quickly and easily build your mobile app in C#, backed by a BAASBox instance. Both are PCL libraries - so they'll work across Android and iOS.
BAASBox.Access connects your app to BAASBox, and BAASBox.CRUD.UI provides you with a quick and easy Xamarin.Forms framework for building the app.

You can be implementing your app's actual functionality in no time!

BAASBox.CRUD.UI provides you with several new classes of Xamarin.Forms pages for interacting with your backend data:

AbstractCrudPage - for creating/editing/viewing/deleting objects from your collections.AbstractSignInPage - for signing in to your backend.AbstractPersonalCon…

Using BAASBox from your C# mobile application

Introducing BAASBox.AccessBAASBox is a straightforward backend-as-a-service you can use in your mobile solution. It provides authentication, document storage, and social features straight out of the box (so to speak!)

There are BAASBox SDKs for Android, iOS, and javascript; and a well documented RESTFUL web-service interface.

Portable Class Libraries (PCL) are .NET libraries that allow you to share code between multiple platforms. PCL code can run in various environments - including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. This is particularly pertinent to Xamarin developers using Xamarin.Forms and looking to write their code once and deploy to multiple platforms, although it will also be of use to all C# developers.

BAASBox.Access is a new PCL providing you with access to the BAASBox restful interface, and so a ready-made backend for your application. Features include:

SignIn / SignOut with accounts stored in BAASBox.Create/update/delete documents.Share/unshare documents.Follow/unfollow users.