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Bothie's back!

Introducing Bothie2! Now it's a breeze to put yourself in your pictures. Now you can be in all your holiday snaps! Bothie2 is a camera app that takes two photos for each shot -- one from the front, and one from the back -- and lets you combine them so that all your shots can have a personal touch, whatever you're looking at. Take your main photo or inset photo with the tap of a button.Zoom and pan your main photo.Drag your inset into the sweet spot.Not happy with either? Just take it again until you're happy! Done? Save your photo or share it to anyone! Bothie2 is available on Google Play right now.

Chicken Sadie and the BindingActivity pattern

Writing code for the sake it is the best way to hone your skills.

Xamarin neatly wraps the Android APIs and environment in C# classes, which have always made a little more sense to me - and it can be used to build native apps in Android (or Windows or iOS) quickly and easily.

Here is a project I put together for a friend who must not forget to close the chicken coop at night!

This project is available on github, at: instantiator/chicken-sadie

The app itself is reasonably simple, and could be used as a good howto for various features:

Converting between C# DateTime and a native Android date, see: SunService.DateTimeToNativeDateReceiving and parsing Intents, see: SunService.OnStartCommandCreating notifications, and playing sounds from resources, see: SunService.OnStartCommandStoring small amounts of user data in Preferences, see: SunService.ConfirmNextAlarmTimeSunService.RecordNextAlarmTime, and SunService.ClearNextAlarmTime.Retrieving data from a web service, see: SunService.RetrieveN…


Pebble are a successful brand of smart watch with some excellent properties (including week-long battery life and an always-on ink screen for outdoor use). They support customisable watch-faces, apps, and phone notifications and interactions.

StreetFace is a watch-app for Pebble watches that helps you track the nearest geographic address - using the Google Maps geocoding services.

Have you ever needed the emergency services? If you have, you'll know how important it is for them to be able to find you quickly. If you're the sort of person (like me), who'd have to find a street sign to know the name of the road you're on - then perhaps this watch app can help.

StreetFace can create checkpoints for you whenever you ask it to - so you can review when and where you were. It keeps the past 24 hours of checkpoints in the app for you, and each checkpoint you create will (eventually) appear on your Pebble Timeline - so you can review them further back than a day, too.

I've d…

Android Studio vs. Aspose for Android

ASPOSE (found at provide a series of useful libraries and tools for office document creation, conversion and rendering... However, on Android, their JARs are somewhat limited and present a host of issues during build. They were originally built to be used one at a time, and designed for use with Eclipse. This post is for Android Studio developers, who may struggle to get their build off the ground!

If you just want to know what to do to get Aspose for Android working in your project, skip to the end and open the linked document!

What are the issues?
The Aspose for Android JARs are a little immature - and do not support all the rendering features found on other platforms. Aspose have stated they are working on this.They were built to be used one at a time - and you may find you need to switch to a multi-dexed project in order to use more than 1 Aspose library with your project (or any additional libraries).They were built for use with the Eclipse ADK, and you will need to foll…