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Pebble are a successful brand of smart watch with some excellent properties (including week-long battery life and an always-on ink screen for outdoor use). They support customisable watch-faces, apps, and phone notifications and interactions.

StreetFace is a watch-app for Pebble watches that helps you track the nearest geographic address - using the Google Maps geocoding services.

Have you ever needed the emergency services? If you have, you'll know how important it is for them to be able to find you quickly. If you're the sort of person (like me), who'd have to find a street sign to know the name of the road you're on - then perhaps this watch app can help.

StreetFace can create checkpoints for you whenever you ask it to - so you can review when and where you were. It keeps the past 24 hours of checkpoints in the app for you, and each checkpoint you create will (eventually) appear on your Pebble Timeline - so you can review them further back than a day, too.

I've d…