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Chicken Sadie and the BindingActivity pattern

Writing code for the sake it is the best way to hone your skills.

Xamarin neatly wraps the Android APIs and environment in C# classes, which have always made a little more sense to me - and it can be used to build native apps in Android (or Windows or iOS) quickly and easily.

Here is a project I put together for a friend who must not forget to close the chicken coop at night!

This project is available on github, at: instantiator/chicken-sadie

The app itself is reasonably simple, and could be used as a good howto for various features:

Converting between C# DateTime and a native Android date, see: SunService.DateTimeToNativeDateReceiving and parsing Intents, see: SunService.OnStartCommandCreating notifications, and playing sounds from resources, see: SunService.OnStartCommandStoring small amounts of user data in Preferences, see: SunService.ConfirmNextAlarmTimeSunService.RecordNextAlarmTime, and SunService.ClearNextAlarmTime.Retrieving data from a web service, see: SunService.RetrieveN…