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What is refactoring, and why have I got technical debt?

"It didn't used to be so expensive to change one little thing..."
Congratulations! You've put together a great team and steered the new project all the way to your first release. You've re-focussed on marketing, press releases, and you're doing some horizon scanning for new features...

Your lead developer comes to you with a serious request: She wants to refactor the project.
"What does that even mean?" you ask. The answer doesn't sound like it's worth your time - the app won't even change, but some of the wiring under the bonnet gets re-plumbed. So what? Mixed metaphors aside, it sounds like an expensive exercise that's not going to benefit you at all. Why should you bother?

It's time you learnt about technical debt.
All projects have technical debt. Technical debt increases the friction every time you want to modify your application to add a new feature or fix a bug. The amount of it you have is difficult to measure and takes effor…

Uplifting Bothie

Bothie has been a long time in development! I first created a demo app in 2014, and I've been revisiting the project regularly since then.

Bothie is an app to help you put yourself into your pictures. When you press the shutter button the first time, it takes a photo with the main camera. When you press it again, it takes another - this time with the selfie camera. Then it insets your selfie into your main photo, and lets you reposition, rotate, and zoom your pictures until you've made the perfect bothie.

Soon you'll be able to do a range of other exciting things to your pictures to create the perfect composition.

When I first published Bothie (through my company Front-Line Tech Ltd) in 2016, I quietly added it to the Play Store with no fanfare. I really wanted to develop it until I was completely satisfied with it before I launched it properly.

Since then, I've worked hard to add new features and modernise Bothie. I want it to stand out in its class as an elegant app, a…