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3 excellent ways to build trust with your users

"I don't see why it needs that permission!"
Android apps ask for unusual permissions sometimes, and they doesn't always make sense.
This article assumes that you are already a trustworthy developer. If you intend to harvest user details or conceal other nefarious activity on a user's device, please follow this link (US | UK) and then make your way to the nearest police station.
The Android permissions system doesn't know how to explain what it needs clearly, and some permissions lock away a group of features, when only one is needed.
For instance, this screengrab from a game demonstrates a fear response to a regularly requested permission. It was posted with the title:
"Quickest way to get your app deleted"
The app is asking for a permission called "make and manage phone calls". When the poster attempts to find out more, he reports that "it went to a screen that said the reason that needed this type of access was to provide me with rewar…