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What's in a bothie?

I was recently asked in a review to talk a little bit about the technologies that drive my app, Bothie.

Bothie is an Android app that takes two pictures (a main photo from the main camera on your phone, and a selfie from the selfie camera), combining them into a single bothie.

Perhaps it’s time to write a little more about how Bothie slots together and which libraries and tools I use.

Bothie is a native Android app written in Java. I have been working on Bothie since 2014, and at the time Bothie was conceived, neither Kotlin nor the Architecture Components were available for Android. It has been a long road getting the app to where it is now, and without the help of existing libraries and SDKs it would have been almost impossible. Bothie stands on the shoulders of giants...

The camera preview you see in Bothie, for both images, is driven by Google's unofficial CameraView library. There were various choices for camera library available, and I've talked a little about them befo…